Restaurants Franchise Agreements

14.4 Franchisor transfers, at the franchisor`s choice, all the shares that the franchisee has in a rental or sublease for the premises of the restaurant. In the event that Franchisor does not choose to use its option to acquire the lease or sublease of the restaurant premises, the franchises would make such modifications or modifications to the premises operated above, which are necessary to distinguish the appearance of these premises from those of the other fatburg restaurants, upon the end or end of this contract. , and will make additional specific changes that Franchisor may reasonably require to do so. In the event that the franchisee does not meet the requirements of this section 14.4 or refuses to comply, Franchisor has the right to enter the premises where the restaurant was operated, without being guilty of any wrongdoing or other unlawful act, for the purpose of executing or raining changes necessary at the franchisee`s expense. , what are the deductible fees to be paid on request. Under Washington law, the franchise agreement for Fatburger North America, Inc. must be amended as part of the offer and sale of Fatburger franchises to be used in Washington State to include: There are no specific laws or regulations for the franchise. The agreement is subject to the common law. This gives you great freedom in designing the arrangement in the best way for you and your franchisees. You can set the rules based on the state. However, your potential franchisees and their advisors will carefully consider your proposed agreement. This agreement, documents and annexes are the complete and comprehensive agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee on the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements.

With the exception of those that can be carried out unilaterally by Franchisor under this agreement, no amendment, amendment or derogation from this agreement is binding on either party, unless the parties have agreed to do so and have executed it in writing by their authorized officials or agents. 23.1 The franchisee acknowledges that it conducted an independent investigation into the franchised activities under this agreement and acknowledges that the undertaking contemplated in this agreement carries commercial risks and that its success depends in large part on the franchisee`s ability as an independent businessman. Franchisor expressly opposes the production of explicit or implied guarantees or guarantees regarding the potential volume, profits or success of the business covered by this agreement, and the franchisee acknowledges that it has not received any explicit or implied guarantee or guarantee as to the potential volume, profits or success of the business under this agreement.