Service Level Agreement For Microsoft Office 365

For all other service incidents, the Health Dashboard provides a summary of the incidents, including a definitive summary of the event, the interim cause, start and end schedules, and information on next steps. No PIR is created for this category of service incidents. Office 365 is operated by 21Vianet, is a service that is offered and operated only in China. This service is based on the technology that Microsoft has granted to 21Vianet. For more information, see Office 365, which is operated by 21Vianet. Self-help, backed by ongoing employee support: Microsoft provides a wide range of self-help resources and tools that can help customers solve service-related problems without the need for Microsoft support. GSX Robot users work 24/7 from their websites and use Office 365 exactly as a user does. You use the same bold customers (z.B. Outlook or Microsoft Teams) to measure and report on the quality of Office 365 service. At GSX, we work with the IT departments of hundreds of large and very large organizations. They must guarantee and justify the quality of service they provide to their activities.

Microsoft offers are delivered by highly resistant systems that help maintain service excellence. The provisions for the continuation of services are part of the draft system. These provisions allow Microsoft to quickly re-establish unexpected events such as hardware or application errors, data damage or other user incidents. These continuity-of-service solutions also apply in the event of catastrophic outages (e.g., natural disasters. B or an incident in a Microsoft computing center that renders the entire computing center unusable). The only way to manage the Quality of Office 365 Service you actually provide to your divisions is to use Office 365 all the time, just like your users and their locations. Microsoft administrators can view service status and determine when maintenance is scheduled. Service status information is available at any time by registration. The Service Integrity section shows the current state of service and details of outages and outages.

The planned maintenance information is available in the Message Center. For more information, see the status of your services. Online problem tracking: Customers need to know that their problems are being solved and be able to follow a solution in a timely manner. The Microsoft 365 Admin Center offers a unique web interface for support. Customers can use the portal to add and monitor service requests and receive feedback from Microsoft support teams. Microsoft`s commitment to continuous improvement includes analyzing undated service incidents and customer impact to minimize future repeats. Assuming you access a service provided by an external Of course, this is for office 365 as a whole, so the downtime minutes are calculated for all Office 365 users, and as Office 365 is made up of many individual services, each service may be below these averages and has no real impact on the overall Availability Rate of Office 365. Depending on the location and usage model, percentages of working time higher or lower than overall operating times can be applied to individual customers. Undated service incidents are defined as multi-agency service interruptions that affect service usage, as defined in our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and have been reported as such in the Service Health Dashboard.