Supply Agreement Api

8.01 Duration. This agreement enters into force on the effective date of the supply contract and, unless it is denounced earlier under Article VIII or is not extended on the basis of a written agreement of the parties, it is continued until the third anniversary of the entry into force of the supply contract (the “duration”). At the end of the initial term, the contract is automatically extended to other (1) exercise periods, which cannot exceed three extensions (each of an “extension period”). Contracting parties may terminate the contract by announcing to the other party at least (1) one year of contract before the current period expires. “I don`t see any fundamental change [in supply demand].” (g) Pfizer will make its cost-effective efforts to respond to changes in orders that the customer may request after receipt and acceptance by Pfizer, but will not be responsible for its inability to do so. Orders can be changed by mutual agreement between the parties. (e) capacity. The manufacturer will make reasonable economic efforts to use the appropriate production capacity to be able to produce and provide a minimum of Section 2.02 (e), Pfizer will provide quantities of bulk API substance, in any event, as indicated in the current order, set by Pfizer in accordance with this section 2.02 and in accordance with the delivery plan established there. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this agreement and the order, confirmation, invoice, bill of lading, acceptance or any other pre-printed form provided by one of the contracting parties, the provisions of this agreement apply. If Pfizer is unable to deliver the order in [O] after the desired delivery date due to a Pfizer internal production issue, the customer has the right to purchase more than its annual requirements for the product from a supplier other than Pfizer, provided that such a purchase can only take place for the period during which Pfizer is unable to do so. to meet the customer`s requirements, and it ceases immediately at the end of this disability. , and, finally, provided that the customer`s requirements, which PFIZER have not met, are normal and ordinary requirements, as determined by the normal purchases of the product by the Pfizer customer in the immediate months preceding it. “Careful efforts,” as applied to the obligations of each of the parties under this contracting party, involve rigorous and rigorous application of these efforts and resources, which are usually linked to the usual business practices and the pharmaceutical industry`s formal notice standards for manufacturing and supply.

(Montel) Coal prices in the Atlantic basin could continue to gain ground next month, with corresponding market support signals and signs of increased supply offsetting further weakness in production demand. a “quality agreement,” an agreement between the parties that describes quality control, technical control, quality assurance and the regulatory responsibilities of the parties with respect to the production and release of bulk API equipment produced under this agreement.