Aggregate Products

Aggregates, or construction aggregate, are small particle materials used in various forms for construction including sand, gravel, crusher dust, clay, topsoil and more.

Aggregate products are used as a component of composite material in construction. For example, they can be used to reinforce and add strength to mixtures such as asphalt and concrete. Another benefit of aggregates is allowing water to pass through these mixtures more easily, due to its high hydraulic conductivity value. This means that the material is more permeable and is very useful in application which require a good amount of drainage, such as foundation work, retaining wall drains, roadside edge drains and other applications.

In addition, aggregates are also used as the base material under structures such as foundations, roads and railroads because of their many applications and added benefits. Aggregates will add a layer of stability that can be counted on having uniform properties and predictable outcomes, ensuring that a project will always turn out successful.