Base Type

Aggregate base is one of the many layers of material used in landscaping or building construction.

Regardless of the size of a project, aggregate base lays the platform for a successful project. Whether the aggregate base is for large infrastructure or a residential backyard transformation, a solid base foundation is crucial to the longevity of a structure. We understand the importance of producing quality work with the best materials, and that is why we combine our knowledge and experience to ensure we provide the highest quality aggregate products to our customers.

The aggregate base or sub-base means structural integrity even in the face of changing weather, wet and rainy conditions, and heavy use. Combining a varied mix of materials such as rock, gravel and sand in different quantities produces a diverse selection of bases that apply to vast foundational or structural needs.


Whether it’s for structures, pathways, driveways or backyard landscaping, a good base is essential for the success of your project.

Due to the diverse range of variations and applications available for aggregate base, you will see it in place on most construction sites. By ensuring the stability of any structure, aggregate base is an integral component for any construction project.


KF Aggregates & Recycling has pits and dig sites located all over Saskatchewan. With so many locations, we can combine the extracted aggregates and create a wide array of base types for any job.
Employing a variety of methods in our extraction process, we use our state-of-the-art extraction equipment and the knowledgeable team of experts at KF Aggregates & Recycling to extract and sort through all the materials that make up our bases.


We offer a wide range of aggregate base products. Each type is sorted into different categories based on the ratio of sand, gravel and rocks as well as the maximum size of any of the materials used.

Here is a breakdown of our most popular base aggregates:

Type 32


Type 33


Type 71


Sub Base Type 08


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Our base products are available Saskatchewan-wide. We offer delivery to most areas and try to accommodate any logistics in getting the product to you.
We also work and partner with many wonderful companies able to manage this process as part of the larger project management.

If you are unsure of what you need for your next project, give us a call and we will do our best to help find you the answer. We would love to hear from you!