Rocks are a mineral aggregate coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and visual specifications. Utilized for thousands for their structural stability and support, rocks will continue to be the foundation of our construction projects, large or small going forward.

Geographical location serves as the dominant factor in the size, shape and minerals that make up a rock. We extract our rocks from pits Saskatchewan-wide. This gives our product the desired unique quality in constant demand locally and across North America.


Rocks are constantly in demand due to their stability and durability for construction projects, landscaping, and retaining purposes against earth movements and erosion. Being durable and stable, rocks are the foundation of any project. Since sizing is vastly different between rocks, the applications are numerous.

Rip rap rock is commonly used along shorelines to help prevent heavy erosion by providing cover and resilient support. Without this many waterfronts would change drastically over a short period of time. Rip rap rock is crucial to any waterfront and shoreline development.

Rock aesthetics play a vital role in the design and structure of many landscaping projects. Numerous types of rocks can be custom shaped and sized to fit large and small-scale landscaping projects to build and outdoor sanctuary. The right chosen rock can complete a landscaping design and create a beautiful finished product.

Crushing rocks is one of the most common applications for the product. It lets aggregate extractors assess and create new products to the detailed specifications for any job. Crushed rocks are mostly used in concrete, cement and plaster.


Extracting rocks requires specific methods based on the type of rocks being extracted and the intended use. All rocks are extracted and separated into piles and groupings based on size, quality and shape.

Certain extracted rocks will be crushed into a finer aggregates to be used in other compound materials.


Rocks are sorted and sold in sizing categories. They are sourced and pulled from our Saskatchewan pits and sorted on-site or nearby. We take great care in ensuring sizing and specifications are correct. Everything we produce is checked to make sure our standard of quality is maintained.

Here’s a breakdown of our most commonly used rock products:

  • 1-2” Crush Rock
  • 3/4” Crush Rock
  • 5/8” Crush Rock
  • 3-6" Rip Rap Rock
  • 6-12" Rip Rap Rock
  • 12-24" Rip Rap Rock


Our rock products are available Saskatchewan-wide. We offer delivery to most areas and try to accommodate any logistics in getting the product to you.

We also work and partner with many wonderful companies able to manage this process as part of the larger project management.

If you are unsure of what you need for your next project, give us a call and we will do our best to help find you the answer. We would love to hear from you!