Sand is a fine and coarse mineral aggregate utilized across numerous construction projects. Journeypersons across the trades use sand as a means of irrigation and support to foundational structures, as well as a base for many landscaping jobs.


Sand is an essential component in concrete and cement mixtures, with each mixture requiring different quantities and types of sand. The sand binds the mixture, adding rigidity to the compound, which provides much-needed flexibility to reduce the appearance of cracks and stress.

Sand is often used to support structural foundations, landscaping and assists in the drainage of irrigation for a build. When combined with the right layering of other materials, the sand acts as the glue pulling all components of the job together, holding strong amidst all weather climates.

Asphalt is also mixed with sand to provide different outcomes in both aesthetic appeal and functionality, including bringing longevity.


Extracting sand is one of the most technical and thorough aggregate procedures. The fine nature of sand means that extensive and proven techniques must be employed to accurately extract the sand.

We start by investigating the quality of minerals pulled from the ground. Our extraction specialists ensure the quality of the sand through a series of tests before and after the dig.

First, the sites are thoroughly tested before each initial dig and continuously throughout the life of the pit. This is done to make sure our product is of the highest grade for current and future projects. If there are any issues with the finished product, it always originates from the source.

Sorting our aggregates is the next step. It is a crucial component in producing high-grade products for numerous applications. Extracting the minerals to build sand compounds is a thorough and careful process. There are many methods of sorting produce sand of different categories, with each method of sorting yielding different quantities and physical specifications.


We sort sand into four main categories, all of which are readily available at our pits across Saskatchewan. The main differentiation between the products is application, size and grade. Here is a breakdown of our most popular sand products:

  • Concrete Sand
  • Drainage Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Asphalt Sand

For pricing on our products, please contact our representative or fill out a form and we’ll get right back to you!


Our sand products are available Saskatchewan-wide. We offer delivery to most areas and try to accommodate any logistics in getting the product to you.

We also work and partner with many wonderful companies able to manage this process as part of the larger project management.

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